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The Foundation

Fundación Armando el Futuro is a private Colombian-American non profit foundation. It has as its purpose to strengthen educational institutions and organizations.
The objective of this foundation is social and community development and its primary area of operation is the Republic of Colombia in its entirety. It Was founded by Kenneth Plotkin on 2009, after visiting the region of Quimbaya, Quindio in Colombia and sees the need of help in education for the underprivileged children of the region. To Kenneth’s dream came to joined him, his sister Cheryl Plotkin-Lopez with her unconditional help. The two of them now run the administration of the Non Profit Foundation with the help of their mother, Beatriz Quintero-Plotkin known for helping the less fortunate for decades in Miami, who is now the president in her second term, of the Coral Way Colombian Lions Club

The mission of Fundación Armando el Futuro is to provide support to institutions that dedicate themselves to both rural and urban social community development programs. It generates effective solutions that contribute to their strengthening and growth dependent upon their individual needs.

To contribute to the formation and development of society by contributing viable and necessary tools for the essential education of the individual thereby making said individual the basic element for social transformation.

Objectives of the Foundation
1.Promote and support both rural and urban social organizations.
2.Advance and improve conditions of educational organizations and institutions in the most vulnerable socio-economic sectors.
3.Promote the defense and growth of assets that constitute social capital.

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Cheryl Lopez

April 10, 2010at 2:35 pm

We want to dedicate this page to the appreciation which we feel towards other entities, people, and businesses, as well as posting special news.

For example, Guillermo Huertas has been a key player in making our foundation successful from an administrative perspective. He has donated many of his personal hours to our cause.

The Coral Way Colombian Lions Club has been there for us and has shown unconditional support to our events, programs, and projects. There team spirit is incredible.

The “Institución Educativa Ramón Messa Londoño” has guided our efforts in order to help crystalize our projections and dreams.

We have received support from many others along the way and they are also in our hearts. Thank you to you all; the people that have made this possible.

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